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Add-On Services


Balloon sculpting, also known as balloon modelling or balloon twisting, is a fun way to entertain your guests while they wait to have their faces painted! Many parties and events hire our balloon sculptors to send something unique with each guest!  Our artists can sculpt many simple and complex designs and love offering special designs for themed & holiday events! All balloons do contain latex. Please consult with guests regarding allergies before selecting this service.


Airbrush Tattoos are WATERPROOF!  Perfect for summer heat and pool parties and fun for all seasons, this alcohol-based paint is great for temporary tattoos that can last from 2-4 weeks!  They take little time to dry, so your guests can touch them or return to the water right away! These are fun on arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, and more! Most are applied using stencils to allow for multiple colors and accuracy.  Custom logo stencil designs are available for private and corporate events!  We do not apply airbrush tattoos to the face.

             GLITTER TATTOOS

Glitter Tattoos are a FUN addition to any party or event!  WATERPROOF and perfect for many events like summer pool parties or even for a fun girl's night out!  The glitter tattoos are fun for all ages and created using medical grade adhesive and super fine cosmetic glitter. We have designs for girls and boys and each design will last 3-10 days, depending on after-care.  Glitter tattoos can also be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or alcohol based lotion.  We do not apply glitter tattoos to the face or to anyone with sensitive skin.


We know them all!  Bring something special to your event with our Princess friends!  Schedule time for a brief appearance for your guests to meet the princess and take photos!  Want her to stay to help open gifts or play with the guests?  She can do that, too!  Your guests will never forget it!


MORE THAN 50 to choose from!  We know them all!  We know Ninja Turtles, Olaf, Dora, Star Wars characters, Lego Batman, Doc McStuffins, Woody, Buzz, Mike, and more!  We can find a special guest to fit the theme of your event!  Create an unforgettable party with a 30 or 60 minute character appearance! 


Our team is packed with muscle! We're friends with Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Darth Vader, and MORE! 

Your guests will love photo opportunities with their favorite!  Book our Superheroes to Stay & Play!  It's fun to have them for photos AND games!


This is fun for all ages!  Hair chalking is temporary color that washes out in 1-3 shampoos!  Choose from a rainbow of colors and shades!  It makes a great addition to any event for girls and boys!

                    NAIL ART

Make it a special time by adding nail polishing and nail designs!  Choose designs that fit the theme of your party or allow your guests to pick their own favorites! A PERFECT ADDITION TO GIRL'S NIGHT OR YOUR PRINCESS PARTY!

        Pre-made Balloons

Looking for something more, but wanting to save a few dollars?  We offer pre-made balloons for girls and boys at a lower rate than our hourly charge!  Designs are limited, so please call for details.  Pricing based on quantity.


An unforgettable gift!  We can customize shirts for all of your guests or make one especially for your birthday child!  This is a fun item for sports teams to remember the season, too!  Pricing depends on design and we can offer art on front and back of the shirts.  Call us for a quote!

          AIRBRUSH HATS 

Custom airbrush hats are perfect party favors or gifts!  Pricing depends on design, so call us to discuss ways we can make this item perfect for your intended recipient! Call for a quote!

          $5 GRAB BAGS

The PERFECT party favor for your girl's party!  (Don't worry, boys, we're working on something for you, too.)  Mix and match! Contact us to piece together the perfect grab bag for your guests to take home to remember your event!

Age-Appropriate Games

"We bring the FUN!"  We mean it!  For a minimal fee, depending on number of guests, we will lead your group in age-appropriate games!  Call us for details!

             AIR WALKERS!

It's a PARTY on the DANCE FLOOR!  AIRWALKERS are fun for ANY event!  Your guests will have more fun on the dance floor, in your party room, or walking the banquet hall with these fun "lightheaded" characters!  Your guests will dance with them, pose with them for photos, and it will surely make your event one they will always remember! Call us for a quote!

   More FUN coming soon!

                             STAY TUNED!

Need custom cakes, bounce houses, carnival popcorn or cotton candy machines?

We can refer you to a friend!  Give us a call and let us know how we can help!